Presentation of the Equality plan: sustainable transformation of the company

Feminising the company to improve gender diversity is a sustainable transformation that will ensure our future performance. Broadening our talent pool and promoting women at all levels of the hierarchy opens up the horizons of our employees and future candidates.

Diversity generates motivation and progress. By committing to gender equality in the workplace, we aim to sustainably integrate a more diverse range of talent and continue to create long-term value. 

Launch of the Equality Plan in France on 10 March 2022:

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At VINCI Construction, as part of our Equality plan, we are committed to three major areas and a common set of actions per country: 

Recruitment: develop initiatives everywhere to open up our professions to everyone

Recruitment Master Class

This in-house training programme covers topics such as writing inclusive advertisements, identifying bias in the selection process, and techniques to overcome our cognitive biases in interviews. More than 200 people are expected to follow this programme in 2022 and 2023. 

“In attracting, selecting and integrating our employees, we have to do more in terms of the methods we use, the objectivity of our decisions, and follow-up.”

Opening up possibilities with the Elles Bougent association

Through its partnership with the Elles Bougent association, more than 300 employees volunteer each year to expand the range of possibilities for young girls in primary, secondary and high schools. Acting as sponsors or points of contact, they come to tell their stories at events organised by the association. Through their encouragement of female students to consider careers in science and technology, they contribute to the fight against stereotypes.

Careers: supporting the development of all talents

Coaching and mentoring programmes

With our Ariane coaching programme and, from summer 2022, our Equality mentoring programme, we offer support resources for women managers within VINCI Construction, but also for all profiles, irrespective of gender. This voluntary coaching programme is designed to foster leadership development. It uses a methodology of individual support by certified coaches working remotely. Having delivered an initial 200 courses in the last two years, the programme will continue each year until 2025 for operational and functional managers who have recently been promoted or identified as having potential for short-term progression.

A community built on interaction and mutual support

The mYXt network is a community for exchange and sharing, encouraging debate on the subject of professional equality between women and men. Its main objective is to provide general management with suggestions for feeding into the company’s action plan.  

This network supports the running of conferences, webinars and workshops (e.g.: International Women’s Rights Day). It is a key channel for disseminating internal information on professional equality. 

Governance: enabling access to leadership positions without discrimination

Good governance in our companies depends on being able to objectively identify our employees’ leadership skills.  

At VINCI Construction, our priority is to ensure that women are better represented, by speeding up the recruitment of female employees, systematically holding People Reviews dedicated to women, and promoting women with the highest potential to management positions.

Finally, in addition to these basic actions dedicated to the Equality plan, a broad awareness of “Equality, Diversity and Inclusion” issues has been developed through a playlist of e-learning modules, available on the UP internal online training platform! 

At VINCI Construction, we focus above all on personalities when recruiting.

  • We are committed to fighting sexism, because we value quality of life and well-being at work. A caring environment is a source of motivation and performance, so let’s take care of it.
  • We want women, men and non-binary people all to enjoy the same opportunities for career development and advancement.
  • Remuneration is based on the level of responsibility and personal contribution to the company’s development and effectiveness (human, environmental and economic performance). In no case does employee gender influence remuneration criteria.

Portrait of Richel Bassila, Deputy Regional Director, Central Africa SOGEA-SATOM

Portrait of Dominique Lebtahi, Managing Director of Geostock, a subsidiary of VINCI Construction