Attracting women to the construction sector to fundamentally transform it and improve its performance

The sustainable transformation of our sector – which has been underway for years through our actions to increase the number of women in business – aims to build a new and increasingly inclusive model. At VINCI Construction, we have several objectives, including promoting women to all levels of management, expanding our talent pools and developing female leadership. Each of these is a commitment to gender equality and to expanding the horizons of our female employees and future talent!

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Equality – VINCI Construction

“By ensuring that all voices are heard and breaking down stereotypes, we enrich our company and create long-term value in our teams and for our customers.”


Developing initiatives in France and abroad to promote better knowledge and visibility of our professions, and expanding the scope of possibilities for all.


Supporting the development of all talents, drawing upon a coaching programme and an interactive community, on the issue of professional gender equality.


Giving women a more prominent role in management bodies to ensure better representation: a priority at VINCI Construction!.