The mYXt network: helping to make business more gender-diverse

Created in 2018 by women positioned in executive or strategic managerial positions, the mYXt network quickly opened up to men. The network now includes nearly 10% men, who are agents of change and are committed to thinking about and implementing actions to promote gender equality at VINCI Construction.

Two key findings:

  1. The work of increasing gender diversity in the VINCI Construction group is very slow, and some issues persist: glass ceiling, imbalance between private and professional life, ordinary sexism, etc.
  2. Actions are to be continued or initiated in the area of recruitment and career management, including the monitoring of initiatives to promote access to management positions.

The members of the network are convinced that skills and values are genderless. They want a business model that reflects society and ensures fair treatment. They believe that a gender-diverse company is more successful, more innovative and more sustainable.

An interaction-driven community that is committed to professional equality on a daily basis

Today, this interactive community is helping to make the company more gender-diverse by arranging times of interaction and experience sharing. It polls requirements and suggestions for measures to promote greater gender diversity. Members also share information, news and best practices, both internal and external, on their internal exchange channels (Teams and Yammer) to help shake up the status quo.

“We want to foster a constructive discourse and make a positive contribution to the issue of gender at a time when the company and our leaders are ready for change.”

Behind the scenes at the mYXt team

The mYXT network is run by a central “Core Team”. Its active, committed members play a central role in the community. It also brings together the main players in the management of VINCI Construction entities on issues relating to professional gender diversity and equality.

Proactive actions are needed to accelerate inclusion and gender diversity, such as:

  • Awareness raising and information, which is a basic requirement,
  • The sharing of experience, which contributes to open-mindedness,
  • An action plan and quantified indicators, which must be shared transparently.


The rights and duties of the active members of the mYXt network are defined in a charter; they commit themselves to: 

  • Representing and upholding the convictions and values of the mYXt network within each entity of the group,
  • Working towards a collective goal in line with the role of the mYXt network,
  • Meeting in a friendly, positive atmosphere,
  • Encouraging interaction and sharing,
  • Demonstrating tolerance, respect, open-mindedness and kindness in all circumstances,
  • Ensuring freedom of expression, and also encouraging the boldness to share ideas and projects,
  • Collectively building solutions from the wealth of individual contributions.

List of core team members
of the mYXt network in 2022:

VINCI Construction FranceVINCI Construction FranceALLAZChristophe
Major ProjectsDodin Campenon BernardBERNYClément
VINCI Construction France VINCI Construction France DE BAYSERCécile
Major ProjectsDCBDORE ROQUETAValérie
Major ProjectsDodin Campenon BernatdFANTINSabrina
VINCI Construction France VINCI Construction France FONT Emmanuelle
VINCI Construction France VINCI Construction France GALIN Marion
Major ProjectsVINCI Construction Grands projetsGOTRANDCynthia
Eurovia FranceEurovia FranceLAIZIERFlorence
Speciality NetworksFreyssinetLEBATARDMarion
VINCI Construction FranceADIMROBINOCécile
VINCI ConstructionVINCI ConstructionSCHNOERINGClaire
VINCI Construction FranceDO TP IDFTIMERAAla-Samba