Our ambitions

At a time when society is evolving and our organisations are changing, there is a need for greater commitment to the issue of parity.

In recent years, numerous initiatives promoting gender equality and diversity have been introduced in VINCI Construction subsidiaries around the world. However, although indicators and behaviours are improving, we need to be even more ambitious.

Today, with its “Equality” plan, VINCI Construction is mobilising everyone – employees, candidates, customers, partners and subcontractors – on the issue of equal access, equal success and equal consideration in the construction industry.

At VINCI Construction, the values of commitment, openness and team spirit are part of our DNA. Combining these values with our commitment to diversity and inclusion strengthens our ability to be innovative, creative, attractive and competitive.

By ensuring that all voices are heard, being sensitive to difference and breaking out of the stereotypes, we can enrich our company and create value in our teams and for the benefit of our clients.

Professional equality and inclusion should not be the responsibility of the under-represented, but of the schools that provide training for our jobs, the managers who lead the teams, the colleagues who work together, and every individual in his or her everyday life.

This site brings together initiatives, testimonies and approaches that work to support the change in mindset.

Let’s build tomorrow together!

Portrait Ludovic DEMIERRE

Ludovic Demierre

Director of Human Resources

Portrait Benoit Pouliot

Benoit Pouliot

Director of talent development & inclusion

Portrait Ophélia

Ophélia Duval

Diversity and inclusion Manager