Against sexism and prejudice: the Mind The Gap series

What if men were a minority in the construction industry? This is the argument of the Mind The Gap mini-series broadcast on UP! - the training platform of the VINCI group and its divisions - but also on the occasion of numerous training sessions dedicated to VINCI Construction managers, in order to open the debate on the subject of parity.

Teaching to combat everyday sexism in companies…

In 2017, VINCI Construction’s human resources department launched the “Mind The Gap” series, the result of a collective study conducted over almost a year by a working group composed mainly of operational staff.

This four-part mini-series deals with the issue of sexism and prejudice in the construction industry in a straightforward and humorous way, reversing the typical male-female stereotypes. Inspired by the web series Martin Sexe Faible, it features Dominique, who is alternately a “trainee”, a “driver” or a “works manager”, and struggles with a world in which women have the power:

Episode 1 – The trainee

This episode deals with a situation of everyday sexism during a break between colleagues.

Episode 2 – The annual appraisal meeting

Under the guise of well-meaning sexism, this episode illustrates the shortcomings of a performance review that strays from the facts.

Episode 3 – The welcome

This episode addresses the prejudices about the types of jobs and roles occupied by women and men.

Episode 4 – Gender diversity

An illustration of some people’s lack of understanding of the demands for professional equality.

and to transform the construction sector!

Unfortunately, the issues addressed are still applicable in our sector, which is why viewing the Mind The Gap series is encouraged in training, giving people permission to speak and initiating a time for discussion on the subject of parity and professional equality between women and men.